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Inspired Dental Care

"Have you ever imagined going to the dentist could be akin to a spa treatment? ...Neither did I until I was whisked away to a peaceful place brimming with positivity at Inspired Dental Care.

Okay, here are the details:
I found out about Inspired Dental Care via a mail advertisement. I have been looking for a dentist closer to home and decided to give it a try. Had that appointment about a month ago.

Location/Parking--it's a standalone office next to a gym. Parking is abundant and the office opens right to the parking lot, which is a huge plus--no additional time needed to wander through an office building.

Now, on to my experience!
After making my appointment and entering the office, I was really impressed by how beautiful and *clean* the facility was. Think about it, a dentist office is a place where people are getting oral SURGERY--it should be immaculate. Well, Inspired Dental Care definitely passes that test. It's a new practice and all of the dental machinery and tools were not only incredibly clean but top of the line and altogether impressive. There was calm music playing and even the screens in the treatment rooms were showing calming scenes of waterfalls. The whole look of the place adds to this vibe of serenity and the lavender aromatherapy towelette at the end of the appointment was a really nice touch.

So enough about the (gorgeous) facility, the most important factors are the people and the service. The dental assistant and office manager that I met were incredibly friendly, skilled, and endearing. The manager's billing process was so great--no mystery bill in the mail months down the line--she had everything itemized right then and there so I knew how much I was paying for everything before I left. And the dentist herself? Wow, what a win! Dr. Millery is fantastic. She is wonderfully easy to talk to (and no worries, no unnecessary awkward chats while she is working in your mouth) and she is impeccable with what she does. My treatment was effective and thorough. She also took the time to explain proper dental care/maintenance in a way that I really understood and felt I could follow. I was not rushed through the appointment, rather I was educated and truly cared for. I left the appointment feeling empowered about how to maintain my healthy smile.

So, yes, this experience was so great that I signed back into Yelp after years and years to actually write a review.

In closing, I say to you, dear reader:

Treat Yourself!!!

And no, not with candies, extravagant shopping, and ice cream, but rather with the legitimately sublime self-care you can receive at Inspired Dental!


Inspired Dental Care

"One of the most thoughtful, kind dentists I’ve ever met. Dr. Millery is truly gifted with patients of all ages. I will recommend my local friends and family wholeheartedly."

Inspired Dental Care

"Best dentist I’ve ever met, hands down. Dr. Millery and her staff are so caring and compassionate, they make you feel like family. Thanks for the amazing experience!"

Inspired Dental Care

"Got my cleaning today and had a great experience. Dr. Millery was very thorough with her exam as well as explanation of my treatment plan. Definitely would recommend Inspired Dental Care!"

Inspired Dental Care

"The experience was amazing, great dental service all around!! Plus the place itself was clean and very beautiful."

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